The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Rims and Tyres

Tips for Choosing Wheels and Tyres

The best thing about owning a 4×4 is, well, everything! Many owners can’t imagine life without their favourite off-road vehicle. They do make life easier; you can haul anything, go anywhere, and look great whilst doing it. There’s no better feeling than getting your 4×4 looking just right, and nothing alters a vehicle’s appearance more than new wheels and tyres. If you’re just getting started with aftermarket wheel and tyre packages or it’s been a while since you’ve made a purchase, consider the answers to the following questions when selecting from an online retailer.

Which Finish Do You Want?

Many people are choosing black 4×4 rims these days because they’re less costly, more popular, and come in a wider selection that looks good on most vehicles. However, some buyers prefer the look of chrome. Painted wheels are available in many colours, with red and gunmetal being the most common. In some cases, your painted Ford Ranger accessories come with coloured accents that match your tastes.

How Big Do You Want to Go?

17”, 18” and 20-inch 4×4 rims are quite popular, but if your vehicle came stock with 18s or 20s, you will likely run into fitment problems with 17” wheels. 22s and 24s have recently gained some momentum with off-road or Nitto tyres online. However, it’s worth noting that going much over 22” will substantially decrease ride quality unless you use a top-tier wheel and tyre package.

Do You Have (or Intend to Get) a Lift?

We highly suggest adding a levelling kit to your 4×4 suspension package and including one the popular nudge bars for sale. They’re relatively inexpensive compared to suspension lifts, and in many cases, you can install it yourself. We’re big fans of levelling kits because they allow you to choose tyres that fill out your wheel wells, and they provide additional ground clearance for off-roading. 4wd lift kits are another great option. Four- and six-inch lifts are quite common, but they may be pricey in terms of installation costs. If you decide to go with a lift, talk to an expert who can tell you which wheels and tyres will work best.

Do You Want Mud Terrain or All-Terrain Tyres?

Michelin tyres for sale are much less aggressive than those made for mud terrain, but they’re more aggressive than street tyres. All-terrain models create less road noise and will last up to 50% longer than mud tyres depending on a range of factors. Some buyers may want to buy bf goodrich tyres because of their low price, better off-road traction, and more rugged appearance.

Do You Want the Wheels and Tyres to Protrude?

Wheel offset or backspacing is an oft-misunderstood aspect of choosing a wheel and tyre package. Keep in mind that the lower the offset, the more the wheel will stick out, and the less clearance you’ll get when turning. Each 4×4 brand has different clearance, and when choosing an offset, you should consult a wheel and tyre expert when you want to buy Kumho tyres.

In Conclusion

In answering these five questions, you’ll be well on the way to choosing the right 4×4 accessories online. If you need further assistance, feel free to call us. We carry a wide selection of wheels and pirelli tyres australia, and we look forward to working with you to help you find the right package at a great price.